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On the Occasion of 2023 Fathers' Day

A Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a man who felt lost and unsure of who he really was. He was constantly questioned and judged by society, making him doubt his own worth. Even within his own family, he worked hard to provide for their needs, but when he stumbled, people criticized and condemned him. They didn’t see his hidden tears or recognize his own struggles and needs. They seemed to forget that he was human, and instead, they treated him with disdain simply for being a man.

He was mocked and ridiculed for the smallest mistakes, and yet, every day he had to put on a brave face for the world. Behind his smiles, he concealed his tears, carrying the weight of his pain in silence. He worked to earn money, but he felt trapped by unspoken rules and regulations that dictated his life. There were moments when his wife, consumed by anger, lashed out at him, but he was forbidden from fighting back, for the world deemed it unacceptable. He carried his own personal struggles, battling addictions, weaknesses, and sorrows, but no one truly saw the depth of his suffering until death finally approached.

When he passed away, people showered tributes upon tributes, writing remorseful and admiring words about the man they had never truly honored while he was alive.

Thus, the story of a man torn by an identity crisis, challenged by society, neglected by his loved ones, and restricted by unwritten rules, came to a heartbreaking conclusion. His life was filled with unspoken pain and unfulfilled desires, buried under the weight of societal expectations. He left behind a legacy of tears unshed and struggles unrecognized, leaving the world with a profound sense of loss and regret.

Celebrate every man in your life today, don’t wait until they are dead or have achieved a feat. Men too need what women get for they are equally emotional when need be.

Happy Fathers’ Day

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Felix Sunday (The Penmaster) is a dynamic individual who thrives at the intersection of technology, design, and education. As a writer, and ICT instructor, Felix’s diverse skill set allows him to bring a unique perspective to his work and make a lasting impact in multiple domains.